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A Model of Quality Christian Education

Image by Susan Q Yin

Why Christian Education?

Christian education is not simply an alternative. It is not even just a good idea. It is the law God gave to our forefathers, and it is the same law that He gives to us today. God has not authorized or enabled government schools to provide spiritual nurture, as He has the home and the church, and by extension the church’s Christian school. No school’s curriculum is spiritually neutral. A Christian school will not consciously attempt to subvert parents and encourage children to commit sin, as government schools demonstrably do. Christian parents should want an education for their children that agrees with their spiritual values and beliefs; a God centered education.


Why Calvary Road Baptist Academy?



Our classroom administrators are highly skilled, maintain a high level of training, strictly adhere to administrative standards and serve with distinction.



Students at CRBA demonstrate consistent academic achievement with an overall average test score of at least 88 percent; an indication of subject mastery. Character building principles and Scripture memory are incorporated into the academics, which helps children grow to see life from God’s point of view. Graduates leave with an appreciation of music and speech, excellent academic knowledge and the strength of character to do right.



CRBA uses the Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.) curriculum which has been strengthening families since 1970. It utilizes quality, character building Christian educational materials for grades K-12 and college preparatory courses. Multimedia computer video interactive learning is also available.




At CRBA, distractions are minimized and learning opportunities maximized through strict adherence to equipment and furniture design and arrangement. The school maintains clean, safe facilities providing an environment which helps students learn more effectively.

Student Development


At CRBA, each school morning starts out on a positive note both spiritually and academically though Bible recitation, congratulations slips, motivation and sharing. The unique discipline of A.C.E. places responsibility and accountability on the student for learning, thus establishing a lifetime appreciation for goal setting and achievement. Our students go on to substantial careers.

Extra-Curricular Activities


Each year CRBA students participate in the A.C.E. sponsored Regional Student Conventions. Students 9-12 years of age participate in the Junior Convention held in Bakersfield. Our students 13 years of age and older participate in the A.C.E. State Student Convention held on a specific college campus each year. Our students are challenged to develop their skills by competing in over 150 events in categories such as; music speech/drama, athletics, arts, sewing, academics, and numerous other aspects of service.

Parents, you work, you care, you sacrifice, but you are still losing ground with your children. Home isn’t what it used to be. Add to that violence at government schools, inappropriate curriculum and peer pressure to drop out, do drugs and engage in premarital sex, it’s easy to feel a sense of despair.

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