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Our Story

At Calvary Road Baptist Academy, education is rooted in faith and God's teachings. Our challenging curriculum encourages thinking and exploration within a Christian context. We're proud of the growth in faith our students and families attribute to our school and the ACE curriculum. Come and experience the difference at Calvary Road Baptist Academy.

Toni Di Giovanna, CA

“I've been teaching children for 34 years; the first 10 homeschooling my own children, and the past 24 here at the Academy. I love working with the students and helping them in whatever capacity I can. It's very rewarding seeing them learn new things and move on in life. Christian education is so important because they learn Bible truths and principles so important to every day living. Our ultimate goal is to see them come to Christ!."

Adriana Mendez, CA

"I’ve been teaching in a school setting for one year but have taught in multiple youth ministry classes for nine years.


I love seeing the students grow. It’s exciting to watch them become more independent and responsible. I also love seeing them encourage each other and become better friends.


A Christian education is so great because it sets a solid foundation for the student in all areas of their life. It helps them be a better student, son or daughter, sibling, friend, and citizen. It also helps them learn the importance of living a Christ-centered life and all the benefits that come with it.

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